What are the advantages of having a Nanny?

Wow, where do we start?

Having a Nanny has many advantages, many more than you may think:

  • A Nanny is the extra pair of hands you wished you had.

  • A Nanny is able to provide personal and customised care to each family they work for.

  • As the Nanny comes to your house, this allows your child/children to remain in their familiar home environment, with their own toys and can maintain any established routines.

  • As the child/children are in a much smaller ratio, the child/children can build up their immune system much slower, in time, avoiding unnecessary illnesses.

  • If the child/children are poorly, parents wouldn't necessarily be required to take time off work, as the Nanny would still be on hand to care for the child/children.

  • A Nanny is able to take your child/children to extra curricular activities whilst parents are working.

  • As parents, if your working pattern is a little unpredictable, the Nanny would usually have the flexibility to adapt their working hours to be able to stay later or start earlier on occasions.

  • A Nanny often becomes an added member to your family. The Nanny acts as a replacement parent, and someone else for your child/children to rely on.

  • Having a Nanny as your child care provider, as opposed to a nursery can work out more cost effective if you have multiple children.

  • Time permitting, a Nanny will carry out various nursery duties. Some of these duties consist of: children's washing/ironing, tidying bedroom/playroom and keeping toys clean and in order, any meal prep for the children and attending any appointments arranged (haircuts, doctors, dentist etc).

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