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Emergency Nanny

Emergency Nanny

Do you need a Nanny to step in last minute and offer emergency care?

A Nanny is an experienced and often qualified professional, usually with many years of experience with a variety of age groups and will be employed by the family.  They would come to your house to care for the children. The Nanny would usually have sole charge care of the children to enable the parents to work.  The children would take part in many activities - crafts, playdough, baking, park, days out, socialise with similar age children and attend pre- arranged groups. 


As well as providing exceptional care, the Nanny can also carry out basic household tasks to reduce the parents workload, which include - children's washing, ironing, cooking, tidying of toys/bedrooms and playroom.  Once the children reach school age, the Nanny would also help with homework, reading etc. 

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